Fire burns building Long Shotz Bar Princess St Fort Erie 147 pm 30 nov 2013

Fire burns building Long Shotz Bar Princess St Fort Erie 147 pm 30 nov 2013
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the story is this.. Cheryl the bus driver was mentioning flames coming out of a building while talking to another bus driver, then the route went up queen street instead of princess st because it was blocked off by fire trucks, hoses, water (about 1.5 feet deep flowing along the edge of the street and flames and tons of smoke coming out of the roof of the Long Shotz Bar n Grill (no one knew it’s name so I googled it!)

It’s a tavern, with rooms above, so my first concern was is everyone safe? many of the men that lived there, ate at robo’s (subs, burgers, etc) and since we like to eat there every now and then we’d chat with them.

some of the people didn’t know where the bus was… so we directed them to the niagara parkway.

there was a small assortment of people taking pictures with their cell phones but so far I haven’t seen too many uploads on that..

the cool thing was one young couple drove over the peace bridge from buffalo to see the fire. because it’s a quiet town here, many of us commented on it being too much excitement in one week, having a murder on one street, and a fire on the next street over.. very strange month in fort erie ontario canada.

according to the bullett new, the building is around 180 years old… it was deemed a historical site, and word is, they want to build condo’s there…

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