Happy Jacks Garrison Rd Fort Erie – Prices can change while you EAT your meal!

warning! prices subject to change on menu after eating a meal, with no costs mentioned i was charged $2.40 more… answer? this words here on our menu say…..
that prices are subject to change.

i ordered bacon with a grilled cheese it’s not mentioned on menu to cost more, and the waiter didn’t say it would cost more. I normally pay about $1.00 more for bacon on a sandwich.

i ordered gravy with the fries. There’s no mention of gravy on the menu having a charge.

again the waiter didn’t say it’s extra for the gravy.

I complained to the manager for my meal was to be $5.00 according to the menu prices. I was charged $7.40.

His answer, look at these words on our menu here.. prices are subject to change without notice.

I told him, this is a poor way to treat a long time customer. He didn’t care…

so I’m NOT recommending this restaurant anymore and I’m pulling all the videos and things I did to encourage people to eat there.

the main cooks gone to part time and only works on a weekend. they have a new cook during the week, and the flavor of the food’s are different as well as the quality of the food.

most customers I’ve spoken too are NOT happy with it anymore and tell me they are going elsewhere…

I don’t blame them….

if your not happy with service from a restaurant make sure you file a claim with the better business bureau in this case, unfair pricing is the issue, and the fact that they think they can CHANGE the price of your food even while your there, after ordering it and assuming it to be a certain price on the menu.. think again jack!

your wrong!


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