18 Harry stands close to seagulls on niagara pkwy wall by peace bridge fort erie ontario canada

18 Harry stands close to seagulls on niagara pkwy wall by peace bridge fort erie ontario canada


a friendly seagull that isn’t afraid, doesn’t fly away when harry stand there.

the idea girl says

I was originally out filming the arrival of President BArack Obama’s AIR FORCE ONE airplane to the Buffalo New York Airport, unfortunately I couldn’t see it from where we were standing, he came from the EAST in Washington. 😉

So instead i got interested in a peace bridge inspection being performed. I took pics and videos of the different things the two official new york state thruway authority workers did including their white van which has a built in desk, computer and printer, fax machine, and all sorts of safety attachments, wires and other things used to inspect a bridge.

It was cool when I got to interview the two of them, asking about the crane, where it comes from, and how often they have to inspect the bridges that connect USA to Canada.

I filmed 21 videos 22 Aug 2013 around 1015 am till 11 30 am.
Linda RAndall with a Sony cybershot Digital Camera

He was using some black electrical tape in and around the wires, along with a transistor thing silver with an antennae probably to test the pulse signals electronic wires in this device attached to the bridge (never noticed it there before, not sure if it was just installed)

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