I bully Goose Back!

I bully Goose Back!

a big goose is sleeping and i walk up to see how close i can get then start to interview him and chat with him about the way he’s treating the other geese (he is aggressive towards them)

so i bug him to say hello to me, and he does, then ALL the other six geese start to say hello to me. – comical! 😉

i follow the antsy goose up the trail for fun trying to get him to keep talking to me while i interview him

so my moody goose flies back and starts chasing the other six goose off of the land, he’s acting territorial and bullies them around. I’m getting angry at him for acting like this and decide to do something about it! in next video….

reflection works wonders.. i bully the goose back and chase him around, note he stands his ground, refuses to fly away and just runs as I try and keep up! that little fat bird can run fast too. i was panting and finally he flies away at the end, i yell at him and scold him for being so mean to all the other birds, see first two videos before this one to see how nasty he was . nipping at them, shooing them off the land, I noticed he does this everyday and I was fed up with him,

good to report he’s NEVER bullied any birds since, at least not when I’m around. 😉

he sits in the water and looks at me and refuses to come near me, the other birds, are fine with me, ( i do my signature bird call so they know it’s me)


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