estimated over 10,000 herring fish dead on niagara river fort erie ON mar 25 2013 linda randall

estimated over 10,000 herring fish dead on niagara river fort erie ON mar 25 2013 linda randall

estimated over 10,000 herring fish dead on niagara river fort erie ON mar 25 2013 linda randall

I was talking to a man who was photographing the dead fish and he knew a lot about it being one species and he’s investigated this before.

He says there has been no fluctuation in the water temperatures recorded on the Niagara River, even though that is what people are being told.

The Ministry of Environment are hard to get a hold of according to him, and they haven’t been investigating the mass deaths of fish in the area.

Another concern for Fort Erie is the Speedway they are planning to open here. True Fort Erie needs jobs and some have written letters to the Editor complaining about PALS doing an environmental study.

Now if it’s true that noise kills fish – how do the residents of Fort Erie feel about having 100,000 fish dead along their beaches every year?

the beaches will be closed. The stench will come through your windows making you ill and gag from the smell.

In fact You all had a taste of this back in September 2011, from what I’ve found on the net.. Do you remember how upsetting that was?

I think we all need to sit back and think. If it will harm our wetlands and environment, it’s going to harm our reasonable enjoyment of living.

It won’t be nice to take a walk anymore. Go for a walk along the Parkway this week, get a look at what life might be like for you in the future….

Quotes and data about research done on fish that die from loud man made noise:

A study conducted by the University of Maryland, USA states that loud noises affect a fishes hearing and it can kill them.

here’s a link to their data:

quote from blog:
February 3, 2003
Contacts: Ellen Ternes, 301-405-4621 or
Loud Noise Can Injure Fish Hearing

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – New research shows that loud noise significantly damages the ears of fish in the wild.

In the first ever study of the effects of loud man-made, or anthropogenic, sound on fish in the wild, University of Maryland professor Arthur N. Popper and his colleagues found that the injury to fish ears, and thus hearing, was even greater than they had anticipated. Their study appears in the January issue of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

Dear world wide bloggers and Journalists:

Here are some of the other pictures taken along the shores of the Niagara River March 25,2013.. I’m uploading a film to youtube showing you how far the dead fish trail is from the peace bridge to Jarvis st.. Other’s have confirmed it’s all the way from Lake Erie up to Chippawa in Niagara Falls and the man who studies this (too bad I didn’t get his name but he’s done this before so perhaps he’s on the net in an article or something) says he estimates over 100,000 fish are dead in this kill… I only put over 10,000 based on what I’ve seen so far…

feel free to share this around the world. If you know about how loud cars noise is and what the distance will be that it will affect, then we also need the data for how far the proposed speedway is to lake ontario and lake erie, niagara river, grand river, and whether or not it can or will affect the fish at all would be appreciated.

Not only is this an environmental concern for the fish, or the fishing industry and tourism industry in the area, it’s a concern to ANY resident living along the rivers, lakes and streams – the last thing we want is to have hundreds of thousands of fish dying every year and ruining our fresh air smells here in Fort Erie, Crystal Beach and not to mention the 100,000 visitors to Niagara Falls each year – this will definitely affect THAT tourism industry too!

Here are my other pics:

you have permission to use my fish pictures for this story.


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