Otter Catches Fish HIdes in Rocks Tracks in Snow Niagara River Fort Erie ON

Otter Catches Fish HIdes in Rocks Tracks in Snow Niagara River Fort Erie ON


the idea girl says

the little rascal were down filming his tracks about 20 feet away and he somehow goes behind us and into the niagara river, catches a fish and harry spots him getting out of the water and running for the cover of the rocks.

i have a picture of where he ends up (nest?) and will blog that with this video on

the niagara region blog 🙂

filmed feb 18 2013
by linda randall

ps not sure if its an otter, could be a possum. i can’t get a close up of the little bugger, just his tracks and if you look closely you can see the imprint of the fishes body in the snow as well 🙂

we were filming ice anomalies and spotted him (harry did)
you can see other videos on

water molecule study along the niagara river ice formations and attractions to one another create the coolest of designs!
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