Fishing Dock Picnic Area Parking Lavinia St Fort Erie Parkway Fort Erie On Canada

Fishing Dock Picnic Area Parking Lavinia St Fort Erie Parkway Fort Erie On Canada

Wind speeds are from 40 km gusting to 60 km per hour in fort erie this morning from hurricane sandy.. we went for a hike along the niagara parkway – river in fort erie ontario canada. around 11 02 am edt.. notice the dark snow clouds building up over buffalo new york.

spotted a dock that you have to climb up four feet with two rocks (I couldn’t get up there but harry and daisy enjoyed it’s view) across from fort erie.

parking lot, picnic bench areas, hiking trails along a rocky beach area, there is a bakery across the street, a pub, restaurant and gas station (princess st ) by the coach canada greyhound bus terminal – fort erie transit buses run hourly till 6 pm est/edt. I think they start around 8 or 9 am, and don’t run on sundays.

there’s 5.0 Taxi here, and Tim hortons is 5 mins away on Central Ave (take any streets to Central Ave from the Niagara Pkwy and head left to Garrison Rd (make a right just past the border shops and tim horton’s, wendy’s, mc donalds, pizza pizza, hair cuts, banks and grocery stores. also a hotel is there as well – gas station etc)

see part two video:
Sandy Beach Fishing Hundreds Geese Migrate Niagara River Pkwy Fort Erie ON Canada 30 Oct 2012


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