Baby Geese 3.5 months old fly low over niagara river, drop, float back, relax and repeat lessons fort erie On canada

Baby Geese 3.5 months old fly low over niagara river, drop, float back, relax and repeat lessons fort erie On canada


looking at the beach after the ice pods have melted, at first it looks like UFO prints, then I realize what it really was..

baby geese and ducks in the niagara river, at 3.5 months old.

Feb 4 2013

This week they are practicing getting into groups of 5 or 6, notice in behind them are one or two older geese. these one’s take off first and the little group follows.

they get into a V formation in the water and try that out several times and then they take off and fly down the niagara river towards lake erie than fly back at a much higher altitude .
they are flying at a much higher altitude than I have ever seen them do before! it was exciting to see them flying around the height of the peace bridge (just over top of it’s lights).

Usually we just see them zipping over the water at about one foot high, so I was shocked to see them flying way up there, in a little V formation.

they practice taking off low over the water, fly about 100 to 200 feet drop down in the water (some go fishing under the waves) and pop back up, then paddle slowly , going backwards they float, swim and fish as they relax.

they seem to do this several times while waiting in line ups to go fly the V formation pattern again.

Its a long line of 6 geese, then two in the middle, one gives a signal with it’s head (turns it right or left) and then the geese react to this signal.

the two in the back, one takes off and the little group of six follow, then it moves back into formation and steers the next group away from the beach area of water into the deeper waves, then they paddle in V formation, once all lined up, the back one takes off and the rest follow in their V formation (this is after the relax, fish, eat times).


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