Niagara Region Youtube Video Bloggers Meet Fairview Mall St Catharines Ontario Canada

Niagara Region Youtube Video Bloggers Meet Fairview Mall St Catharines Ontario Canada

it was fun meeting our local group of video bloggers from youtube and facebook group.. we met about 7 new people today, check out the next few videos…i make these videos so i can remember their names lol

crystal and steve were planning to do some ghost hunting soon with us.. so stay tuned for those videos.

here we meet lynn, brian, dave as well. linda randall, harold the ghost hunter and clyde attended this meeting where we talked about future ideas for our ghost hunting web tv show. steve will also be filming his own segments (were both doing stuff and it’s going to be different on the channels so view his and ours as well)

lynn does videos on her youtube about local community events concerts music and things. she attends the live concerts 🙂

steve’s youtube channel is about st catharines and how he does videos about the city and it’s construction, roads and stories about shopping here.. he’s got loads of followers on his channel too.. this is our second meeting with steve.. and we met some of the other group members that like to video blog in our community.. the cool thing is we ALL do something different…

the blue ghost tunnel and the screaming tunnel was todays hot topic.. sharing our “ghost” stories and sightings.. haunted houses in the area.. and historical ghosts, hauntings and photos we’ve taken and films made and posted on our other channel

or just google the idea girl with haunted ghost stories.

steve also has footage of ghosts, orbs and paranormal activity too..


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