Central Ave Overpass Bridge QEW Exit Customs Peace Bridge USA Canada Fort Erie Ontario Audio Mapping

Central Ave Overpass Bridge QEW Exit Customs Peace Bridge USA Canada Fort Erie Ontario Audio Mapping

I swear I found the most FASCINATING place to sit and watch.

The USA Canada Bridge is full of all sorts of comings and goings.

Look at all the transport trucks lined up from the border to Thompson St Exit?

Or.. check out the border guards as they ransack cars just below this bridge.

It’s fun to watch them pull everything OUT of the car, inspect it and put it back….

They have these little clip boards and check stuff off, unfortunately my zoom lense doesn’t go that far..

besides, um that would be a privacy law thingy right?

so welcome traveler to canada from USA!

I hope your trip is lovely on your way to toronto, but in the meantime

it’s like a 2 hour drive and you’ve just spent about 30 to 40 mins sitting in traffic on that dam bridge..

so come off the QEW exit to Central Ave, drive Straight up Queen ST and down to the Niagara Parkways.. go left or right, find a parking lot (free) and get out and stretch your legs.

hungry? lots of great restaurants to eat at and the prices are a lot cheaper here in Fort Erie, than say, St Catharines or Toronto.

You can eat, and watch the birds flapping around the niagara River – chinese thai cusines, or there’s the southsides bar if you want a drink (but don’t drive if you drink… sorry)

then of course there’s fishing, boating and stuff like that, and downtown is about 5 mins away from the border along the parkway, heading north, you can find all sorts of different gift shops down there, restaurants with all sorts of european style cuisine.


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