Robo Mart Bus Stop Ideas Walk to Parkway John Waterloo Princess St Fort Erie ON Canada USA Canada Border Niagara River

Robo Mart Bus Stop Ideas Walk to Parkway John Waterloo Princess St Fort Erie ON Canada USA Canada Border Niagara River

We go for a 1 minute walk from Robo Mart, Up John Street from Waterloo St and Princess St to the Niagara Parkway.
If you like Chinese and Thai food, or want to go for a beer, drink and grab some good eats at the restaurants and bar along the beach.

Awesome views of the Niagara River and Peace Bridge while traveling from Canada to USA – New York City, Buffalo New York Bus Stopover.

While you wait a few hours between bus schedule runs, you can go for a lovely walk on the niagara river trail, sit on a bench or the big rocks, take a stroll along the beach, do some fishing (if you have a license put it in a little cooler) etc.

Or grab a camera and watch the wild life – nature, birds geese, ducks, seagulls play and fish in the water. They eat in the mid afternoon around 5 pm. And in morning about 9 to 11 am they are out there munching away on fishies.

I’ve been video blogging baby ducks and geese, watching what they learn to do every couple of weeks, it’s a delight to see them learning a new technique 🙂

Robo Mart, close to the Niagara Parkway located at 21 Princess St Fort Erie L2A 1V7
905 871 3738 – restaurant gas bar ice cream designer purses mail newspaper magazines stop over to new york city and buffalo USA peace Bridge border crossing in Canada (1 min away take Central Ave to Queen St (drive straight from USA bridge) down to Waterloo or Niagara Parkway (make a left, 1st street on left is princess st)

coach canada toll free
1 800 461 7661

filmed by Linda Randall
IGC Entertainment Canada

southsides bar has karaoke


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