SAVE our GEESE Wildlife and Fish Fort Erie REsidents Write Concerns to Ontario Municipal Board about Canadian Motor Speedway Effects on Environment

seagulls ducks niagara river pkwy fort erie ontario nov 15 2012

guys fishing out in a boat niagara river pkwy fort erie nov 25 2012 photo linda randall

guys fishing out in a boat niagara river pkwy fort erie nov 25 2012 photo linda randall

Loud Noise Can Injure Fish Hearing
ScienceDaily (Feb. 10, 2003) — COLLEGE PARK, Md. – New research shows that loud noise significantly damages the ears of fish in the wild.

With ears similar to those of other vertebrates, including mammals, most fish use hearing to sense their acoustic environment. Many use sounds to detect predators, find prey and communicate to find mates. Loss of hearing can leave fish very vulnerable to predators or with a loss of ability to find mates.

Popper and his colleagues found evidence that the fishes’ hearing not only was badly damaged, but that the sensory hair cells didn’t grow back, even over a two-month period.
Popper’s research took place in Jervoise Bay in Western Australia. The fish were pink snapper, a commercially important species that runs about 12-14 inches in length.

“When we examined the ears of the fish, we found holes in the hearing part of the ear, in the regions where we expected to find sensory hair cells,” Popper explained. “The hair cells had either been ripped away, or we found evidence that the cells were dying.”

It’s not unrealistic to say that loss or reduction in hearing of a species could lead to a reduction in the population.”

Potential effects on fish from intense anthropogenic sounds, such as those associated with airguns and pile driving, could include: death, tissue damage, or injuries that might not directly result in death but may make a fish more vulnerable until healing takes place; temporary hearing loss; behavioral changes, such as moving towards or away from a sound source; and increased stress.

seagulls ducks niagara river pkwy fort erie ontario nov 15 2012
Ontario Municipal Board
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Toronto, Ontario M5G 1E5
Tel: (416) 212-6349 or toll free 1-866-448-2248
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Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm (Excluding statutory holidays)

the idea girl says

I keep reading about environmental groups appealing the decision to change over 800 acres of agricultural land into special land that can be used for a speedway. They are still doing an environmental report.

Fort Erie is full of wetlands for wildlife. It’s decreased drastically since we built the peace bridge here – based on the affects of fumes from gasoline in cars and trucks.

Many of you walk along the parkway and on a windy day when it shifts north you can smell the fumes and NONE Of you enjoy walking because you know it makes you choke. The geese also seem to move elsewhere during this time.

Grant it, they poop everywhere and we find that annoying (on the trails) but don’t you enjoy watching them flying on the river? Isn’t that a moment of peace when all our troubles surround us and we go to the river, sit there in solace, cry if we grieve over the loss of a loved one, think about our future plans and goals, or sit there with our tim horton’s coffees and listen to tunes, or some of us enjoy fishing for fun and relaxation.

Fish don’t like noise. You will notice a drastic drop in the amount of fish there. The birds won’t like the noise. The residents will complain about it, causing even MORE headaches for the people building it and the police dealing with hundreds of noise complaints.

overall it’s stress for people, stress for the wildlife and unhealthy fumes.

I’ve even read that gasoline with lead is allowed to be used on race tracks. This causes birth defects and retardation in children, not to mention health concerns for everyone.

Then you read about the actual owner of the speedways many contradicting stories. Voice mails – quotes being denied. A speedway isn’t going to generate very many jobs. If you do a google search, you will find 2 out of 3 speedways FAIL to make the money promised. Nascar has said they have no interest in this track or any others – they have places set for their races and they want to keep most of them in the USA (usa pride and all).

So here you have a speedway that will employ its OWN employees – how so?

Each driver brings in their own team. The amount of people they will hire from Fort Erie – about six security guards – which they might bring in as well from buffalo who knows?

I thought the speedway would bring jobs. Not really if you think about it.

There’s many ways for fort erie to develop a good solid tourist industry – working with niagara falls and other niagara region places. The speedway isn’t the answer – based on the fact that it will ruin the environment, cause havoc to many residents and another thing I thought of.

We have lots of land here for a good film industry right? houses to rent out for thrillers and stuff. With all the noise from the speedway, any film projects will be cancelled due to the noise levels.

I think we need to figure out something that’s going to promote good health for residents and guests from abroad. Millions of people travel to various destinations because of something special they offer. Let’s devise a plan for that.

In the meantime, Fort Erie residents need to make the Ontario Municipal Board listen to the environmental groups. They take the time and energy to study how it affects the wildlife.

I know we don’t always think about them, because were so busy.

When they are gone, you will miss them, crave to see them and be sorry that you let them be pushed away…


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