Wheel Chair Ramp DANGEROUS at Montebello Park St Catharines Niagara Wine Festival Sept 23 2012

Wheel Chair Ramp DANGEROUS at Montebello Park St Catharines Niagara Wine Festival Sept 23 2012

I had a heck of a time getting around in my wheel chair during the Niagara Wine Festival – so many people and the paths were so high and dangerous, I went flying down this hill and almost hit a tree.

They need to redesign this so it’s not up so high, cut into the rose garden where the ground is level and have a route going through there into the park festivities.. or have a section set apart from the other’s for wheel chair access and walkers. Many people would love to come to the park for these events, but it’s so dangerous and impossible to move around without being jostled or hit by flying bottles when people begin to get rowdy after drinking too much wine.

I think there needs to be limits set at this sort of event too, many are drinking and driving from it and they shouldn’t.. I only saw two police officers for thousands of people? that’s nuts.

Security – they only had a few people at the gates and didn’t have any help trying to get through the crowd. We asked the two police officers standing there to give us a hand, they laughed and ignored us.. I couldn’t believe it!

other than that, I enjoyed the concert and I’m out of the wheel chair now thank god! It was quite the experience!


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