Niagara Boarder Pass – Wakeboard & Wakeskate Cable Series 2012 (2)

Niagara Boarder Pass – Wakeboard & Wakeskate Cable Series 2012 (2)

the idea girl says

great that someone’s filming all the local events now.

other than me, I couldn’t keep up with all of them . lol

yt notes quotes
The Roots is recognized by the provincial sport body as the designated Wakeboard & Wakeskate boat and cable series in Ontario. It is a not-for-profit event series organized by a committee of long-time competitive riders who have taken the initiative to provide the next generation of athletes with the opportunity to excel through this competitive series. Each event is ability driven which provides an inclusive environment from newbie riders as young as four, to the pro level rider, and all the way up to veterans 50+. The series is 100% grassroots focused with the goal of introducing new participants to the sport.


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