100th Anniversary Battle of Lundy’s Lane Memorial Plate Drummond Hill Haunted Cemetery Photos NF ON

100th Anniversary Battle of Lundy's Lane Memorial Plate Drummond Hill Cemetery NF ON

the idea girl says

did you hear any soldiers marching here? legend has it that this cemetery is HAUNTED and you can hear them march at night in regiments of four to six men… we went there in the day time to film the area. we’ve visited here at night about 6 years ago and it was on our first date we had our first ghostly experience.. i lost THOSE photos of red eyes and orbs.. they would have been perfect!

i have these instead.. fun place to find spooky ghosts and things that go bump in thenight…

it’s off lundy’s lane and drummond RD.

by value village, dollarama, pizza hut across from burger king and next to the Cairn Croft.. nice area to park and walk too.

200 year old tree Drummond Hill Haunted Cemetery NF ON

Buchner Pl NF ON to Drummond Hill Haunted Cemetery by Lundys Lane Drummond Rd

Drummond Hill 200 year old knarly tree massive trunk NF ON

Drummond Hill Cemetery buchner PL NF ON Gateway Entrance Trail

Drummond Hill Cemetery Harold the Ghost Hunter walking towards Ferry St

Drummond Hill Cemetery Monuments NF ON

Drummond hill Cemetery paths NF ON

Drummond Hill Mary Cemetery Stone

Drummond Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery Buchner PL NF ON

Harold the Ghost Hunter visits Drummond Hill Cemetery

View of Skylon Tower Niagara Falls Ontario from Drummond Hill Cemetery

War of Lundy's Lane monument guns Drummond Hill Cemetery NF ON


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