Predictions Asteroids Near EArth Cause Flooding Earthquakes Volcanoes March 2012 NEWS Niagara Region Video Blogger

Predictions Asteroids Near EArth Cause Flooding Earthquakes Volcanoes March 2012 NEWS Niagara Region Video Blogger

the idea girls says

I like to blog all sorts of things, like predictions about bad weather based on NASA’s data and my psychic dreams or visions.

what I ask is that you let your loved one’s know in the third world countries as most of them don’t have any sort of warning system of what might happen.

By using twitter and facebook tools we can warn them to look out for themselves in case something does happen, they will not be caught by surprise and they will have either an emergency kit packed with some belongings so if they have to get out of their homes quickly they will have everything ready to go within a few minutes or seconds.

it might mean life or death for them.


News about what I’ve been blogging about this week.
asteroids hitting earths atmosphere march 25 2012 to april 2 2012,
2012 EK5
2012 EG5
2012 FZ23
2012 FU23
2012 FP35
2012 FS35
2012 FV23
sunspot AR 1429 CME march 24 2012 00 39 UT

my psychic predictions for weather, disasters and storms along with the data to back it up.

Music blogging for Script Frenzy writers

wanted to use up my last bit of battery power so I talk about all my blogs and what I put on them.

NASA fired off some rockets on March 27 2012 and all the asteroids are travelling closer in orbit to earth.

some say we can see them early in the morning this week so get your camera’s out and film and upload to youtube

if you capture a asteroid let me know on youtube (send me a comment so i can take a look and blog it on my ufo ghost stories weather predictions blog – victoria stafford a psychic investigation on wordpress)

i usually google the events in third world languages and find all sorts of videos not normally seen here in canada.



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