1 Briarsdale Cres Psychic Investigation Brian Kidd missing Welland ON Feb 6 2012

Decew Rd to 43.106793 79.225513 Google Maps beaverdams rd thorold on mel swart lake gibson conservation park connects holland rd merrittville hwy vision brian kidd walking here

1 Briarsdale Cres Psychic Investigation Brian Kidd missing Welland ON Feb 6 2012

I read in the news they were conducting a search for a missing man and i had some images pop up in my mind during a meditation. I did a blog post about it here. After seeing a ghost that looks like Brian we decided to go visit welland ontario in the area he was last seen in jan 2012.

This trail here was my first thought because on google earth i saw something blue. He was wearing a blue coat. It was too muddy to look and two big dogs were going ballistic while I took a few pics to document our investigation into this area.

i had to look up the area and print up maps not familiar with this part of welland.

update march 15 2012

Brian Kidd’s human remains were discovered this week by Holland Rd and Merrittville Hwy. HOlland Rd connects to the Welland Canal Recreational Trail where we believe brian went hiking along and ended up out in someone’s field. He died from Hypothermia (very cold temperatures at the time) Our prayers and condolences go out to the family, friends and acquaintances.

We started video blogging our psychic investigations for missing person cases in 2012. I used to just type everything up and blog it. Due to injuries that have affected my health and ability to type for long periods of time, I do minimal blogging and mostly video blogging now.

With local cases we don’t get involved unless a ghost requests us too.

In this case, Brian’s ghost visited our home three times before we stepped in to do an investigation.

For the record every time we do an investigation and find certain “psychic” clues, the body is found soon after. We always pray and ask the communities to help search for a missing person. We hope people will learn to me more aware of those around them by doing this. So that if someone does go missing we can find them within a few days, instead of months later…

Unfortunately we were unable to go out in the area he was found. I wish I had listened to what i was told to go out towards that area on the day he went missing. I figured it was way too far away for him. I’m sorry I didn’t blog about it sooner but last year around the same time I did blog things and people were really upset from St Catharines about what I was dreaming about and writing about..

I didn’t want to cause any problems again. I did see Brian laying in a field towards Merritville Hwy but I saw him more towards a conservation park in Thorold where a bridge goes out over the water… I didn’t’ have a vehicle to get out that way.

Harold saw Brian walking along the Merritt Island trails and assumed he’d fallen into the water because of the coat we found there out on the river looked like something was in it…

Brian’s in a better place now and brought about six ghost friends with him this time. He is doing well up in heaven. 🙂

I just took a look at a map. I had the original vision of Brian walking around in Mel Swart Lake Gibson Conservation Park. He went for a walk with a guy who has a red pick up truck. (he was picked up on woodlawn rd)

They had an argument and he left Brian there. Brian tried to walk back home but in the cold and snow he didn’t make it back.

In case your wondering what might have caused him to be way out there by the Merrittville Hwy. I’m wondering now if this dream was actually true after all…

There is a total of 13 videos showing how we did a “psychic walk” and “psychic investigation” for Brian Kidd’s case.

Many times the walk will give us clues as to what will be found with the person when they are discovered.

IF we see a ghost that can either mean they can astro project themselves or that they have passed away.

When Harold mentioned to me that he’d seen Brian’s ghost during our Super Bowl party (he saw brian about 3 weeks earlier) I was really upset.

It was then that I feared something terrible had happened to him…

WE took two trips to Welland by bus, overall this investigation cost us over $100.

We had to save up to do it. We wanted to help and try to find Brian.

Thankfully that farmer checked his field..


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