My Socks and Clothes are all Stretched out – Is there Radiation in Niagara Region’s Water?

Nuclear radiation (3b) Biological effects.(Radiation damage and measure)

My Socks and Clothes are all Stretched out – Is there Radiation in Niagara Region’s Water?

the idea girl says

i started asking people if they’ve noticed that their socks and jeans are stretched out after doing laundry

and the answer is yes

is it possible that the sun’s particles creates radiation which gets into our water and causes the molecules in the fabric

of our clothing to expand?

All my laundry is stretching out into the weirdest shapes

is it happening to you too?

I’ve asked my neighbors and they have the same problem

this is the idea girl reporting from st catharines ontario canada šŸ˜‰

notes from youtube video:
Explains the effects of radiation and radioactive particles on human tissue. This part shows how alpha, beta and gamma rays affect human tissue. The units of radiation dose is discussed in terms of rads, rems, Sieverts.

Learn More about Nuclear and Physical Chemistry – Interactive Ebook Available at:

My Blog:

just did a search for some data to back up my theory take a look at this

Canadian Government Covered Up ā€œMassive Amounts Of Radiation In Airā€ fukushima in canadian air

To be fair, Forbes blogger Jeff McMahon called out the government for switching their so-called safety levels but we really havenā€™t heard much from him since.

Forbesā€™ McMahon did an excellent job of objectively explaining that for the 1 in 2,200 who get cancer there is a risk.


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