ALERT: Kp=5 GEOMAGNETIC STORM NOW IN PROGRESS K7 happening again jan 27 2012 mid latitude north america canada

x2_strip2 X-FLARE (UPDATED) Departing sunspot 1402 unleashed an X2-class solar flare on Jan. 27th at 1837 UT. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash

ALERT: Kp=5 GEOMAGNETIC STORM NOW IN PROGRESS K7 happening again jan 27 2012 mid latitude north america canada

it was 10 15 pm est and our amp just started a LOUD noise buzzing and it’s died now.

I figured it had something to do with a solar flare but I wasn’t sure

I just looked it up and sure enough we got an X Class 2 flare with Kp = 5 for our area friday jan 27, 2012. it’s 1034 pm est

at least the tv’s still working!

I wonder how many other’s stereos or tv’s got fried from this surge of power?

this one’s from september 2009 but we have the same storm hitting st catharines fort erie and west and east of us across the north american continent.

quote data
S 2


Biological: passengers and crew in high-flying aircraft at high latitudes may be exposed to elevated radiation risk.***

Satellite operations: infrequent single-event upsets possible.

Other systems: small effects on HF propagation through the polar regions and navigation at polar cap locations possibly affected.


25 per cycle

energetic protons accelerated by the blast are now surrounding our planet, and an S2-class radiation storm is in progress.

forecast_strip2 cme coronal mass ejection jan 27 - 31 2012 sun 2500 kms or 5.6 million mph goddard space weather lab

The cloud will deliver a glancing blow to Mars on Feb 1st and a nearly-direct hit to NASA’s STEREO-Ahead spacecraft on Jan. 29th.

(2012 BX34) asteroid jan 27 2012 nasa

the gravitational pull from this asteroid can mess up the earth’s magnetic field…


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