Sobeys Spadina Fort York BLVD Queens Quay Toronto ON Open Daily 7 am till 12 midnight Canada Walking to Ontario Place

Sobeys Spadina Fort York BLVD Queens Quay Toronto ON Open Daily 7 am till 12 midnight Canada Walking to Ontario Place

the idea girl says

i’m uploading our videos from sept 3 2011 i’m on file number 5 and i have 30 of them each with photos and videos.. 6 hours of footage.. i’ll be uploading and posting it during the next month or two lol

okay sorry about these videos taking so long to be uploaded. this is from our sept 3, 2011 trip to toronto * i’ve got loads of videos about this 6 hour walking around toronto in circles trying to find a dam bus pass and ontario place lol

yes 6 gruelling hours of pain and agony.. couldn’t walk for about 3 days after this trip but it was an adventure.

i figured in st catharines you can buy a bus pass at any corner store or grocery store.. I assumed it was the same in toronto. NOPE!!!

I started my journey at Union Station. THREE hours later and many blocks away i find out that we CANNOT buy a buss pass ANYWHERE in toronto LOL

omg!!! i was so pissed off. but… i made the best of it along with harry..

we filmed our journey and talked to loads of people who try to help us find a place to buy a bus pass.. the problem is.. they all have cars, never use the bus and failed to know the same thing as us… we were royally screwed and didn’t even know it….

more videos to come.. we explore different shops and cafe’s during our quest for the “almighty” all day bus pass. i had only budgeted x amount of dollars for the trip.. which is why i didn’t buy a bus pass at all that day.. we walked to ontario place and back… 6 hours it took us (i got lost so many times)

i think we eventually cave in and get on a bus or maybe that’s on a another day.. i forget 😉


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