No Ice Dogs No Arena for St Catharines Ontario Canada Dec 3, 2011 The Idea Girl’s Solution to your problem

garden city arena ice dogs st catharines ontario the great debate on building a new one for 54 million dollars linda randall the idea girl

karena walters st catharines standard newspaper reporter journalist wrote about the no ice dogs no area article on friday dec 2, 2011

my response dec 3, 2011 to this issue

st catharines standard read your article about no arena no ice dogs – solution.. owner of ice dogs should be required to donate a percentage of his yearly gross sales to the “building fund” for this new area AND each fan should be required to pay over and above the regular ticket price $5 towards this new arena building fund. after the fund it paid for 54 million dollars.. then the $5 building fund can go towards it’s maintenance… self reliant.. less strain on the citys finances..

the city of st catharines is already about 300 million dollars in debt? they should be audited to see why the debt is so high, what are they doing to reduce it and no further projects (except emergencies) should be authorized until this debt is brought under control…

after they publish “my idea” and give it to all the fans at the hockey game.. id love to see how many of them would still hold up a sign in support of building a new arena

you see it’s easy for us to support something when were not paying a dime for it. 🙂

my other suggestion.. the city needs to look at tearing down the old arena.. buy the land off of them.. they can go somewhere else that can afford to build their new facility.. and we use that land to build a large parking garage and condos.. the taxes coming in from a place that size would give the city more than 54 million dollars in revenue over several years. especially if they were to put some restaurants, retail stores and a gymnasium in there (health, fitness)

and let the ice dogs go and use that other new arena you built several years ago.. expand on that one instead..but again if the team wants a new building they have to contribute to it’s building fund…


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