UFO Photos Outer Space Moon Sirius during Nov 9 2011 Asteroid 2005 YU55 Canada.

UFO Photos Outer Space Moon Sirius during Nov 9 2011 Asteroid 2005 YU55 Canada.

the idea girl says

it was a long night for me to do a video shoot but i’m still awake (miracle)

it’s now 5 11 am est in st catharines ontario canada

i started filming off and on from 6 24 pm est during the november 8th, 9th, 2011 Asteroid 2005 YU55 Event looking for evidence of it flying pass the earth.

Got some unique photos of the moon’s energy, sirius, a UFO (unidentified flying objects) and Maybe the tail end of this asteroid as it’s reflected off of the moon in RED?

don’t know but it’s fun to watch just the same.

I made a total of 7 videos

5 are of me chatting about world events caused by the asteroid and space news and event info on http://www.youtub.com/theideagirlsays

and 2 music videos show the photos with what looks like a UFO and funny moon formations from my camera (the moon looks like it’s splitting in half and making squiggy lines with it’s light energy) along with Harry and I goofing around with our bodies aura’s and magnetic energy fields feeding off of this UFO thing that reaches down towards us (I have no idea what it was but it freaked us out just the same) on http://www.youtube.com/ideagirlconsulting

videos go every 4 hours to check on the progress of this 10 hour event covering 70% of the earth as I try and follow the trajectory path of it as it passes earth and the moon.

The blogs showing in the video are where i’ve put my videos on wordpress, squidoo or blog spot along with more info about what’s in each video.

stay tuned for more stuff on my web tv show on the idea girl says youtube 😉

i’m going to do a video on the 3 day emergency kits we packed just in case we have any disasters coming our way….


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