How to Make a White Tube Sock Heating Pad for under $5 for your Neck Step 1.

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i needed a heating pad for my neck i couldn’t find the one’s i had bought for $40 about six years ago. i have about 7 of them and they were no where to be found. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so i asked around and the lady who works in that health store at the food court at the fairview mall in st catharines ontario canada is extremely knowledgeable in all things.

she even told me how many cups of water i need to drink. it’s based on your weight divided by 20 and that’s how many cups you need to drink each day to stay hydrated

anyways she tells me i can use a tube sock with some rice and barley in it. heat it for 1 minute (no longer or it can start on fire from over heating)

so i got out the camera and figured out how to make it and shared it on my web tv youtube channel the idea girl says

i may have gotten some of the videos mixed up, there’s nine in total. I went by the numbers on the videos! i have no idea what happened but since i’m kind of dopey from being on lots of pain killers you will have to excuse me. 😉

i’m blogging them all on my authors daily journal page linda randall wordpress where i share my current and daily projects most of the time.

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