the idea girl investigates 54 Year OLD playground at lincoln centennial public school in st catharines Ontario Canada

the idea girl investigates 54 Year OLD playground at lincoln centennial public school in st catharines Ontario Canada

the idea girl says

taking a look at the playground the school was built in 1957 so i’m assuming it’s over 50 years old.. i know it’s over 40 years old because i went to school here for grades 1 and 2 and i was around 5 years old.. i started kindergarten i think when i was four years old…(i did go to school but not sure if it was junior kindergarten or not)

i became aware of this problem when someone from the community on the board for this school sent me an email about it. I was intrigued, so i took my digital camera and went out to investigate why does this school need a playground?

i was flabbergasted, honestly… it brought back so many memories and then to find out that the playground had NEVER changed in 40 years… so sad…

so i’m on a mission to let everyone in st catharines and the world know we have a little problem here that ALL of us can help to solve.

please send donations to the school in regards to the playground and also i’m pretty sure they need supplies for school stuff and gym class based on what i’ve heard from various people that are involved with the school as a parent and board member there…

notes from youtube

i had to take a look a look at the schools playground , so sad, a set of old monkey bars and thats it?

we had that over 40 years ago when i went there for school.. they really need a nice playground here.

ps i don’t think jennifer knows i’m doing this yet.. i’ll have to give her a call sometime 😉

Jennifer Rimmington
Kindergarten Teacher
Lincoln Centennial Public School
348 Scott Street
St.Catharines, Ontario L2N 1J5
Fax: 905-937-7266


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