105.7 ED Rock Radio Interview with Jeff the Channeler Ghost Eliminators Show Niagara Food Festival 2011.

105.7 ED Rock Radio Interview with Jeff the Channeler Ghost Eliminators Show Niagara Food Festival 2011.

the idea girl says

is it my imagination or do i sound like Roseanne Barr when i talk? lol

i loved her shows haven’t watched any of the recent ones yet (i’m not a big tV watcher, i spend most my time filming community events, doing volunteer work, writing novels and blogging or making youtube videos for my four channels)

this is all part of my “the idea girl says youtube web tV Comedy show”

I’ll be doing serious stuff as well, like how to do things on linkedin and facebook

basically people email or ask me questions while i’m out an about

now they call me the “computer Girl” at physio because i was helping some of the gals update their accounts and post photos and videos to their profiles or facebook pages

so i got the idea, i’ll film my how to videos and blog it as well on my idea girl consulting squidoo lens where i show different things for business, office related material

i also share some of my business style projects on there as well.

notes from youtube:


jeff is a channeler and he’s got a radio show every week on 105.7 ED Radio here in the niagara region, ontario, canada.

his website’s at http://www.ghosteliminators.com and we were talking about our ghost hunting and haunting encounters with each other, not sure what i caught on video yet, but it would be really cool to interview jeff again and tape it.

filmed by linda randall, igc entertainment canada


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