DSBN Lincoln Centennial Public School needs a $50,000 donation or votes to build the students a playground in st catharines ontario canada

Lincoln Centennial Public School students need your vote - they need $50,000 to build a school playground they have never had - linda randall the idea girl community news report

I just received an email to vote and help get this school some funding for a playground.

i went to this school i think for grade 1 or 2?

i loved it there and i cannot believe they have never been given the funding for a playground from our city?

if we can come up with 76 million dollars to build a new arena, why can’t we have people donate funds in memory of the loved ones that have passed away this year?

can we not build some sort of memorial to those who died here in st catharines ontario canada and in the surrounding niagara region because of the C Difficule virus?

many workers from the hospital say they are suffering and they are down about the public’s anger and reaction to this problem

i’m going to suggest they do something really cool.

the hospital staff should join in and help with this fundraiser and have ALL the newspapers and TV stations in our area (cogeco, niagara tv and whoever else is out there) help with this.

i’ll bet there’s loads of alumni out there that would love to do something special for their OLD school.

yes it’s been many years and this shouldn’t have happened.

i think everyone should be passing this message on and hopefully we can make a difference, right?
happy thanksgiving..

let’s be thankful for the things we have and give these kids something to be thankful for as well 🙂

log into the site here (its free) and help vote every day, please pass this on to everyone you know on facebook, twitter, linkedin and msn chats.

i’d like to know for people (alumni) who don’t have computers, is there a way for them to vote by phone?

please contact me on youtube if there is…

I have posted a message on linkedin with my idea about building a memorial here at the school playground for the c difficule people that have passed away and to help build team spirit again with our general hospital staff and the public.. i think we will all feel better by doing something positive.

I’ve emailed city hall to see what we can do for the school and hospital fund raising memorial idea and i’ve emailed jim bradley our local politician. i cannot seem to find anyone else’s info… for sandie bellows or tim hudak.

i’ve also added the ministry of education in toronto in this email as well. hopefully they will respond and help with this. 😉



Jennifer Rimmington
Kindergarten Teacher
Lincoln Centennial Public School
348 Scott Street
St.Catharines, Ontario L2N 1J5
Fax: 905-937-7266

Jane McLaughlin

DSBN Lincoln Centennial Public School

348 Scott Street, St. Catharines, Ontario


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