Ludwig’s Soul – Little Rock, AR – Youth Rock Orchestra, metal, rock, nanowrimo, writers, typing, tunes, music

Ludwig’s Soul – Little Rock, AR – Youth Rock Orchestra, metal, rock, nanowrimo, writers, typing, tunes, music

the idea girl says

this is a different version of one of my favorite “meditation” songs that i have on a Cd at home.

i’m having fun blogging elijah wood drummer’s videos from youtube

every now and then i get a new cool artist that has loads of videos on their channel and i use them to create what i call my NaNoWriMo music playlist.

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month (yes I love to participate in this challenge) where authors from around the world (almost 200,000 of them) create a novel in 30 days in the month of November (2011). They have to write a minimum of 50,000 word count and upload it to the site in order to receive a congratulations certificate at the end of the challenge.

it’s fun and great because some of the writers have actually gotten their stories published!

imagine that, writing a novel in a month, editing it in 3 months (part of the challenge as well) and then getting a literary agent and publisher interested enough to publish the novels either as a pdf for kindle readers or printing it in hard copy and selling the novels at chapters, barnes and noble and other famous book stores we all love to frequent…

so get your pens ready and paper.. or for others laptops and computers and word documents raring to go, this contest starts in 25 days..

i think were allowed to create characters and an outline for our stories before hand.

i’ve never done that before but this year i have..

i had too , typing a whole novel up for myself will be the BIGGEST challenge yet for me with my health problems and brain injury it will be quite interesting for myself as to whether i make the challenge i’ve done well since 2008.

i was going to drop out of it this year but i think i can’t

im addicted to writing with other people.. it’s fun and i love a challenge 😉 *wink*


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