Welland Ave Construction Photos St Catharines Ontario Sept 2011 – Linvin on the Edge by Aerosmith, Rock Music Video

welland ave construction problems for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians st catharines ontario canada the idea girl linda randall photos

Welland Ave Construction Photos St Catharines Ontario Sept 2011 – Linvin on the Edge by Aerosmith, Rock Music Video

welland ave from niagara st to QEW over pass on service rd st catharines ontario canada construction photos

fire hydrant danger break your neck for pedestrians welland ave st catharines ontario canada photos linda randall

the idea girl says

so today i’ve finished all the video footage I shot on sept 17, 2011 for the niagara wine festival 2011

here’s the link to the video: here is the link to the video

i have a bunch to make from the parade and following weekend sept 24th, i’ll save that for another night. 😉

i hope to catch up on this soon, because I’m planning to go film some events going on in welland ontario canada

if i can get there in time. 😉

and if it don’t rain… i need a water proof camera

thanks to everyone for sharing my tweets, my youtube channel videos and blogs

i appreciate all that you do 🙂

my note from youtube about the problems and suggestions for solutions for this construction area in st catharines

you can see my tweets on twitter @theideagirl

i’m also uploading a audio video film about the construction mishaps that is causing flat tires for bicycles and cars, shocks being wrecked from this construction site along welland ave for the past several months.

now a friend of ours filed a claim and has had many issues with the city saying it’s the construction companies fault so they have to pay for his bicycle repairs 2 flat tires and bent frame from riding from niagara st to the overpass on welland ave at the QEW.

the construction company says it’s the cities fault so they have to pay. he’s been the monkey in the middle of this dispute for a few months now. so we went down to film the area since he doesn’t have a camera.

i was appalled at how dangerous it is along the side walks. there’s several bars in the area and lots of drunks walk down here at night, they could break their necks!

and kids flying round on their bikes using the hills and stuff for stunts, they could hurt themselves as well.

there’s no guards, and the drop is a few feet, you could seriously injure yourselves going down this street and yet i see cars driving along there unaware that the wear and tear on the vehicle, its shocks and alignments is bad.

this project should have been done in bits and pieces and finished in each section before moving onto the next one. the buses don’t even go down this way anymore, they re routed to niagara st, the service rd then back onto welland ave, which many riders are finding it annoying, especially young mothers with little babies in strollers, again a HUGE hazard for them, the sidewalks are horrible with big spaces and cracks, pot holes, it’s a nightmare for these residents and business persons.

i filmed the various bad spots obviously and in my other video i talk about the problems people are having and what they should do about it.

this seems to be the EMAIL info part for the city and it’s various departments.

you can also go right to city hall on church st/james st and go downstairs straight into engineering and fill out a complaint form. if they don’t handle it, they have another office somewhere on lake st. not sure where that one is.. you can always go up one floor and talk to reception and they will tell you what department to inquire at.

when I filled out a complaint form for something else, they contacted me within a week to deal with it.


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