105.7 EZ Rock mark munroe 610 CKTB niagara wine festival 2011 montebello park st catharines ON photos the idea girl

harry and linda randall the idea girl with mark munroe from EZ Rock 105.7 niagara wine festival 2011 photo

the idea girl says

after interviewing the girls about driving that hot pink car that i like for 105.7 EZ Rock (i want one that says the idea girl on it lol)

and offering to do it as a volunteer (easy wheels to get around to the community events that i film) or as a job lol (no can do *pouts*)

they took our photo with mark munroe one of the radio personalities.

it was a pleasure talking with them and it was fun playing dress up for the camera.

Zsa Zsa Gabor look for me with a party hat, in the photo i don’t look like a movie star i look like a pink clown LOL


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