Pet Smart BARK Adoption Volunteer and Harry take a louisiana homeless dog “Robin” for a walk

Harry walks with the BARK volunteer after we note that the poor things spinning around madly in his cage. we told them he has to go to the washroom. Daisy spins in circles when she wants out of her cage or needs to go outside.
sure enough he went straight for a tree and watered it 🙂

good to know he’s house trained 🙂

Pet Smart 40 YMCA Drive St Catharines Ontario Canada

just off Lake St exit from QEW Niagara

behind the pen centre and beside home depot

they will be holding the fundraiser, (BBQ?) and adoption event this weekend till tues sept 20th, 2011 7 pm

then they are heading back to louisiana, they do come here three times a year to help find homes for disaster dogs and cats.

the cats were in the store and I finished filming (ran out of battery power)

filmed by linda randall, IGC Entertainment Canada


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