Betty’s Kitchen Watermelon-Raspberry Slushie Recipe Video for Labor Day Entertaining BBQ The Idea Girl

Betty’s Kitchen Watermelon-Raspberry Slushie Recipe Video for Labor Day Entertaining BBQ The Idea Girl

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the idea girl says

betty’s using the osterizer blender, the older model with the glass cannister (better than the new ones with plastic, I didn’t like the one I bought at walmart so I took it back)

I’m going to look for another osterizer blender, I like the glass I find it sits better on the unit then those plastic ones. Mine went flying all over me!

Betty demonstrates how to make a Watermelon-Raspberry Slushie. This is a refreshing low-calorie drink to enjoy on those last hot days of summer!

Ingredients (for 2 medium-sized slushies):

1/8 section of medium-sized round, seedless watermelon, cut into chunks and frozen (Remove the rind, and, if your watermelon has seeds, remove the seeds before freezing.)
6-oz. package red raspberries, washed, dried with paper towel, and frozen
fresh raspberries and mint leaves for garnish

Place frozen watermelon chunks in blender. Turn blender to “liquefy” and blend until watermelon is fairly smooth, but still a little chunky. Pour the watermelon slush about 2/3 of the way up in 2 dessert glasses. Pour any leftover watermelon slush into a pitcher for replenishing your drink later. Now put 6 ounces of frozen red raspberries in the blender.

Blend until the raspberries are the consistency you want. You may want to leave them a little chunky to have a distinct two-layer drink, but you need the blended the raspberries and watermelon pieces small enough to drink with a straw.

Gently pour the raspberry slush on top of the watermelon slush, filling the remaining third of each dessert glass. You may keep the two layers separate, but that is not necessary. Use a cocktail toothpick to put a couple of fresh raspberries on top of the completed drink. Add a little fresh mint.

Provide a smoothie straw, and perhaps a long teaspoon. Serve immediately before the fruits melt! This is a wonderful combination of flavors and so cooling on a hot summer day! Enjoy!!! –Betty 


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