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Linda Randall the idea girl canal days port colborne august 1, 2011

Harry at Canal Days Port Colborne Ontario Canada August 1 2011

The idea girls says

We had some fun during Monday August 1,2 011 at the Canal Days event in Port Colborne, Ontario Canada.

It didn’t start off as fun though.  I got bonked on the skull when our driver flew over a pot hole in the parking lot at Fraser St and Welland St in Port Colborne Ontario Canada at around 1:40 pm.

I smacked the back window really hard. My neck was knocked up into my back and I was feeling it!

I was a little groggy at first while we walked around looking for some paramedics.  Couldn’t find them and I was hungry.  Went into one of the cafe’s there and had some cabbage rolls (I didn’t like the flavour of them – too bland for me) however the mashed potatoes and gravy was home made, beef and delicious.  The cobbed corn was  hard to eat so I nibbled on it and gave up.

My tooth was being a pain in the arse. I was on meds – pain killers so it numbed some of the pain but my back and neck were killing me so that took over the pain receptors in my body. 😉

I’ve made several videos about this event.  I have the buskers, the canal at lock 8, kids jumping in from off the bridge and ME running off the bridge when the alarm goes off for it to go up for the Sandy Beach as she departed along the welland canal.

And then I got the Edward M Cotter Fire Boat from Buffalo New York.  The Sandy Beach shooting at people with a gun and a butterfly floating about in the sea park along Clarence Ave West.

Needless to say, It was fun.  I enjoyed pigging out on those pizza perogie things for 5 bucks, with the pizza dipping sauce!

Delicious. 😉

We ended the day watching the Caverner’s in concert and for the life of me, I cannot find the video for it? Sucks to be me!

I should have photos of it….

The videos are being uploaded on my Travel – Music – Movie – Entertainment Youtube Channel



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